Public Relations

Since the company's inception in 1999, Kysen has specialised exclusively in professional services PR, particularly law firm PR. Our clients include global law firms, legal associations, a renowned UK-based law school, top barristers' sets and a number of premier niche practices. From our base in Mayfair London we run campaigns in the UK and internationally.

Media Relations

Kysen has nurtured excellent relationships with the media - traditional publications, broadcast channels and social networks. We are proactive and constantly aware of breaking news stories. We can turn the seed of an idea into a compelling synopsis, positioning professional advisers as expert commentators in the eyes of their target audiences.

A detailed understanding of professional services issues allows us to handle topics as diverse as financial services, insurance, intellectual property, forensic investigations, family law, media law, employment, real estate and tax.

Crisis Communications

'A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is still putting its shoes on' - Mark Twain.

Misinformation propagates via the social networks at an astonishing speed. In a crisis Kysen acts swiftly to implement a pre-planned communications strategy, minimising damage to your firm's reputation.

We can provide media training for chosen spokespeople, prepare holding statements around possible crisis scenarios and set up a media monitoring service to record the reactions of your key stakeholders.

The Law Society has published a Practice Note guiding firms in protecting their online reputation.

Litigation PR

'If that's justice, then I'm a banana' - Ian Hislop.

In high profile court cases, media coverage has a dramatic impact. However, misunderstanding or misapplying Court Procedure Rules risks being held in contempt of court, and the winner in the courtroom is not necessarily the winner in the headlines, as certain footballers and celebrities will confirm!

Kysen's experienced advisers understand court processes and can interpret difficult legal disputes - the complexities of which are rarely encountered in other PR disciplines. We focus on our clients' strategic, legal and commercial objectives to avoid what might otherwise be a pyrrhic victory.

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