Roundtable Events

Kysen stages high-level roundtable discussions at prestigious venues to showcase the expertise of professional organisations. These topical debates create a platform for promoting individuals and practice groups, and generate interest from journalists leading to significant media coverage, if desired.

The roundtables also present excellent networking opportunities. Guests are selected based on the personal contribution they will make to the discussion, which ensures senior level attendance. Events often include high-profile key note speakers - past participants include Professor Richard Susskind and Joshua Rozenberg KC (hon).

Case Study: A New Legal Business

An overseas client launching an online legal business in the UK wanted to fast-forward relationships with key players in the profession and create a buzz around his new venture.

The roundtable was attended by 25 eminent guests from the legal world and resulted in 20 pieces of high quality editorial over a six month period.

Case Study: A Holistic Approach to Solving the Piracy Problem

A boutique law firm wanted to raise the profile of their maritime security practice group.

30 guests attended a roundtable event including a former US Commanding Officer of the warship USS Cole, the Director of the International Maritime Bureau and the CEO of the US Naval Institute. The event spawned a White Paper detailing the views of those present on what lies at the root of the piracy problem and how best to tackle it.

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