Social Networking

Kysen believes the key to successful social networking for lawyers, accountants and consultants is to integrate it into the entire marketing mix. We have a practical understanding of how social media platforms are used to engage with stakeholders, showcase expertise and monitor business information.

We advise professional services organisations on social media policies and social networking strategies, offering bespoke tutorials, regular activity reviews and ongoing support programmes to ensure effective engagement.

Social Media Policies

Organisations need sensible policies in place to help employees navigate the social web safely and constructively. These should encourage appropriate use of the social networks and protect against legal risks and damage to reputation.

We recognise professional organisations quite rightly have particular concerns and sensitivities around the use of social media and we can help draft policies that strike the right balance between encouragement and control.

Building Your Network

The first step towards successful social networking is connecting with those you want to listen to, share information with and engage with. Your clients, new business targets and competitors will be on the social networks so it is important you also build and maintain a significant presence.

The networks are a fantastic source of news and information. Following the right sources helps you stay up to date with topical debates relevant to you and your stakeholders.

Finding Your Voice

The rules of communication online are similar to the real world: to stand out from the crowd it's necessary to develop a distinctive voice.

Always have something interesting to say, staying 'on message' whilst allowing your personality to shine through. It's important to demonstrate a keen interest in what others say and take care to listen as well as 'speak'. 

In Real Life

Things get really productive when the relationships you have built online translate into real life.

Kysen has formed the Tonic Club exclusively for PR and marketing people in professional firms. The Group exchanges useful information via LinkedIn and offers opportunities to meet in person.

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