Media Training

When your spokespeople appear in the media the hard-won reputation of your organisation depends on strong, confident, articulate performances. Media training prepares them to deliver your key messages consistently and effectively, minimising the risk that a carefully thought out communications strategy might unravel in seconds under the tough questioning of a seasoned journalist.

For any public relations campaign it is vital that your chosen spokespeople are prepared to handle the full range of situations they might be placed in - interviews and debates on radio and TV or perhaps a media scrum on the steps of the High Court.

At Kysen we design bespoke media training programmes for lawyers, accountants and consultants based on the needs of each spokesperson, the demands of a particular campaign and the strategic requirements of the business. We can provide individual coaching in preparation for journalist, radio or television interviews and training for groups of up to 12 people. These courses typically last for half a day or a full day.

Training takes place in a working studio environment and consists of professionally recorded rehearsal and role-play exercises. Experienced business news journalists lead the sessions, assisted by Kysen's own professional services PR specialists. Each interview is carefully critiqued and repeated to ensure real, lasting improvements in the trainees capability.

In addition to preparing spokespeople to maximise positive media opportunities, we also advise on how to deal with less welcome and more aggressive press attention. We facilitate detailed Q & A sessions to ensure anticipated questions are diligently prepared for, and planned answers are consistent with your firm's positioning and media policies. We take care that important issues such as contempt of court and client confidentiality are properly considered.

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